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Large Garden Trolley

The Handy Large Garden Trolley - Load Capacity 350kg

All steel construction.Four hinged drop sides.Turntable steering.Pneumatic wheel 300mm diameter with bearings.Load capacity - 350kg.Overall dimensions: Height 65cm x length 140cm x width 64cm (excluding draw bar handle).

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The Handy Large Garden Trolley - Load Capacity 350kg

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Rio Desk Top SAD Lamp - click image for details

Rio Desk Top SAD Lamp.

The lamp uses 72 high intensity LEDs to provide a full spectrum reading, working or background light source.Used in the treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), full spectrum lighting provides a more natural light to conventional yellow tungsten bulbs and harsh fluorescent bulbs.Dimmer function.Black.Size (H)19, (W)10.5, (D)4cm.Weight 0.2kg.

Rio Desk Top SAD Lamp.

Zara's note: I could do with one of these.

Tiffany Butterfly Lamp

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Tiffany Butterfly Table Lamp.

Polyresin base and glass shade.Bronze base with multi coloured shade.In-line switch.Size (H)20, (W)17, (D)11cm.Weight 0.59kg.Requires 1 x SES pygmy 25w bulb, not supplied.

Tiffany Butterfly Table Lamp.

nodding dog - click image for details

Nodding Dog Garden Ornament

Material: Metal.Colour: Brown.Weight: 1kg.Length: 15.2cm.Width: 33cm.Height: 43.8cm.Home Delivery not available in Northern Ireland.

Nodding Dog Garden Ornament

Hi world

This is the blog of it is the introduction to my twitter friends to my website - it's also the way I will be adding dynamic content to my web front page, together with feedburner and other goodies.

okay this blog will have products, services (UK based) and articles about various subjects including kitchenware, clocks, the garden I want this site and my website to be like my own version of coopers/betterware/kleeneze and all those other little mags you get in Sunday papers or through the door - I belong to several wholesale companies and I also use affiliate programs so.

I'm also interested in Moroccan goods and style, but really anything that takes my fancy out of a magazine I will try and put on here. I get phases of liking things so if you see alot of lemon coloured or coffee items popping up (for example) it's likely I have a blog going on somewhere with that subject.

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NOTE: This blog contains posts, products and services, some of which Affiliates can potentially earn a commission on, some are just of personal interest and opinion.


This blog is centred around flowers, herbs, gardens, drinking tea and coffee, UK, home and kitchenware, ornaments, curios and gadgets

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